Home Buying

Select a pre-purchase property inspection that suits your needs

Pre-purchase property reports are now usually recommended by most Solicitors
and Property Conveyancing companies and the number of people offering building
inspections has boomed. This has resulted in pre-purchase inspections of varying
quality and costs. Beware of the “drive by” inspections operators
and remember you only get what you pay for. It takes up to 4 hours to carry
out an inspection and produce a full report.

A good building inspection will inform the homebuyer of important information
that will influence the buyer’s decision to purchase the property. An inspection
must be comprehensive and provide an accurate and objective
opinion whether the building is structurally sound and whether the buyer can
expect major expenditures in the near future, such as repairing the roof.

A building inspection report should be tailored to the age of the property.
When you buy a newly built home it makes sense to have a thorough inspection
of the property’s fixtures and fittings, such as the quality of the cabinet-making
and tiling in addition to the structural report.

When you are buying an older home you should expect normal wear and tear,
but your primary concern is with serious and structural faults that can lead
to expensive repairs such as damage to the foundations. CBI
will be pleased to discuss these issues with you prior to visiting the site
and after the inspection.

Ideally a CBI inspection is completed before you make an
offer to purchase the home or during the cooling off period, if a contract
has already been made.

A CBI inspection complies with Australian Standard AS 4349.1
and will provide you with a prompt, accurate and objective evaluation of the
home you intend to purchase.

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