Many homes in Australia have elevated flooring with an accessible sub-floor.

The sub-floor area is often enclosed and poorly ventilated providing an undesirable environment that is conducive to mould growth, termite activity and decay.

Correct sub-floor ventilation reduces the risk of these factors and improves the quality of living within the dwelling.

In general terms sub-floor ventilation is divided into two forms, natural cross flow ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

We have expertise in creating the most desirable ventilation for the type of building considering the buildings physical location.

To create good sub-floor ventilation we need to consider the exposure of a particular building to prevailing winds, the overall size of all the openings in relation to the void that needs to be ventilated and that ventilation openings correctly correspond with openings on the far side of the void to be ventilated.

It can also be very important to have correct (or controlled) ventilation at certain times of day or alternatively under certain weather conditions. Many will consider installing mechanical ventilators that work during periods when the weather outside is warm and humid as is often the case in the middle of the day, therefore actually introducing higher humidity into a void and causing poorer conditions within the sub-floor and the interior of the building.

When considering sub-floor ventilation it is important to consider natures physics. Hot air will absorb larger amounts of humidity and tends to rise while cold air will compress and therefore reduce the amount of humidity and stay lower. In realising this simple fact we can design our ventilation to suit particular conditions and use nature to assist in providing us with the most advanced ventilation. This is an area that our expertise on the subject of ventilation has been so successful, in many cases we will adapt the natural forces of nature to provide us with a superior ventilation system.

It is often not enough just to provide ventilation under a building and this is where we have found the concept of Sub-floor Solutions so effective as we also alter the environment under the building together with the installation of additional sub-floor ventilation.

The information on this page is generally brief and only explains a very small part of the overall complexities related to correct sub-floor ventilation.